Yesterday I had an embarassing accident. Despite the fact I thought I was being very smart and acting with foresight. But I’m glad I did.

Image by photoeverywhere on Showing part of Anthony Gormley’s Another Place sculpture, Crosby Beach, Merseyside, UK

I went for a walk on Crosby beach. Having walked twenty minutes out from my car along the promenade path I decided I’d rather walk back closer to the waves. So I navigated the steps down to the sand and took a careful look ahead of me. This beach tends…

When stress threatened to crash my career and pull me down into darkness, I fled to Paris. There, I set up temporary home in an apartment set in a silent cobbled passageway leading off the Rue de Foubourg-St Antoinne. The long casement windows looked out over a roof garden, it’s…

Three reasons creatives need to know where they belong.

So often being told to ‘know your place’ is a put down . A suggestion that you are getting uppity and need to back down. In fact , there are three reasons why knowing your place as a creative can empower you.

  1. We all need a ritual recharging place

There is a neighbourhood cafe near me called BocBoc. It’s devoid of art, has a plain menu that never changes, looks out onto a car park and a road junction. Yet, whenever I go…

Helen Conway

I am an artist, writer and coach. My passion is helping other people to transform though my creativity.

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